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About us

        Suzhou Duohongwei machinery and equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the top 100 County champion - Kunshan City, Jiangsu, East near Shanghai, West near Suzhou, many high speed train, high speed way, national road,which was convenient for traffic.

        Our company was founded in March 2018 and introduced the most advanced Jet  Mill grinding technology at home and abroad. On this basis, according to the development direction of the Jet Mill grinding technology and the demand of the dry powder raw material market users at home and abroad, we can design a technical engineering solution to the user's requirements.

        Our company has a group of professionals engaged in the research and development, production and technical service of the jet mill for nearly twenty years. It can grasp the current technology and development trend of the jet mill accurately, based on innovation and continuous research and development, and the development direction of the enterprise with the market demand and the development of science and technology. The company adheres to the 'quality of survival, innovation and development'.

        Our company is committed to the development and production of high level powder equipment such as jet mill and air classifier. The main products include fluidized bed jet mill, disc type supersonic jet mill, air classifier, medical food grade airflow grinder conforming to GMP/FDA requirements, WP intelligent environment-friendly pesticide smashing and mixing system, and WP +WDG and so on.

        Our company has a complete set of mechanical processing capacity, with a complete set of CNC equipment system, such as Longmen processing center, vertical machining center, large numerical control vertical car, small and medium CNC horizontal lathe and other high-end mechanical manufacturing equipment, to provide a strong foundation for the quality of the company's products.

Suzhou Duohongwei machinery and equipment Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the business philosophy of 'quality first, service to the top, customer satisfaction, integrity based', and always the highest pursuit of the enterprise development with customer satisfaction.